My Favorite Squadron Series Recap – Mets 3, Braves 0

The Ny Mets are my favorite squadron.

“If you roll with Apu, I’m down with you!”

This intends to be exactly what it states at the top – a recap/look back at the last series of Apu Nahasapeemapetilon’s favorite squadron – The New York Mets.

10 Clear Is 10 ClearYes, it’s early. It’s just April and they’ve played exactly three games against teams that were in the playoffs last year. The only opposition they’ve faced has been within the National League East, so that doesn’t include St. Louis, Los Angeles, Colorado, and all the other great teams in the Senior Circuit.

Plus, they’re hours away from the reality check that is facing the so-called Evil Empire in their own star system…I mean their building in the Bronx. This is a team with only one power threat, a lineup full of singles hitters and over-hyped prospects like Wilmer Flores.

And let’s not forget the injuries. Freddy Freeman, Bryce Harper, Chase Utley. These are some of the in-division lefties that Jerry Blevins was brought in to handle. He’s out till Independence Day, if my research into forearm fractures means anything. His injury is a little worse than Travis d’Arnuad’s broken hand; which is a little worse than the hamstring injury that’s got David Wright wearing street clothes.

Yet with all that, they’re still the first team to be 10 games over .500. That means even if they just play .500 ball from this point on, they’ll finish with 86 wins. That’s a number both familiar with fans of the Orange and Blue and a total that I would gladly have taken before the season started.

Juan Lagares Makes His Most Spectacular Catch Yet

What’s Next? – I could talk about how the lineup has become professional hitters and taken advantage of any mistake the opposition has provided. Or how the pitching staff’s ERA of 2.80 and allowing 30 walks is second best in the league. I could also focus on how after dreadful starts to the season, both Flores and Juan Lagares are batting .270 with seven RBI’s each.

But all of that would take away from the Subway Series, easily the silliest event of the baseball year. I’m a Mets fan, therefore my biggest rivals are the Braves, Phillies, and Nationals. OK, maybe the Marlins too. But the last team I care about beating is the crosstown team that plays in the other league.

It gets great press and provides fodder for columnists. It also meant that I would be guaranteed a nationally televised game, something I looked forward to when I didn’t have the money to pay for upscale cable service or the At-Bat app. But besides that, it’s meaningless except in the overall standings.

New York is always going to be the Yankees’ city. Even when the Mets are the better team, there are still more Yankee fans in the area. Think about the fact that WFAN started in the 1980s as the primary station for the Mets and was around for their last World Series win. Yet the second they could switch teams, they eliminated decades of history to become the station of the Yankees.

While it will be interesting to see Matt Harvey, injured ankle and all, on Saturday, the game to see is tonight when Rookie of the Year Jacob deGrom faces Michael Pineda.



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