Is Moving The Braves North Best For Metro Atlanta? – Nov. 12, 2013

As a youth, I used the high school parking lot and a strike zone painted on a wall to play baseball. The lot had a 20-foot fence, one that we peppered with tennis balls like the Green Monster in Fenway Park.

When I attended college in Boston, I made sure to get inside the monument on Yawkey Way as much as possible. It was within walking distance of my campus, but I could have hopped on the Green Line and taken the train to Kenmore Station.

Cobb County approves builders of new Braves ballpark
The Braves’ new 41,500-seat stadium in Cobb County is scheduled to open in 2017. (Braves)

I’ve never taken the No. 4 train to Yankee Stadium, but I’m familiar with the No. 7 to Flushing Meadows that empties to Citi Field. On my lone visit to San Francisco, I took the light rail to King Street and 2nd Street and explored what was Pac Bell and is now AT&T Park at Willie Mays Plaza.

Chicago is on my Bucket List and with it a trip to Wrigley Field, getting off the L at Addison-Red to see the ivy in the outfield.

All of these cities have a similarity that is missing in Atlanta, one that will be emphasized with the Braves’ recent decision to move 12 miles north of downtown to a new development in Cobb County…

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